WriterBoy born Brandon George Washington published his first book at 17 years old entitled "Dust in In The Water". Being so young and so talented the young author garnered the attention of a local magazine and was featured in their next issue. 

The story spread and word spread about Brandon, this young boy who published a book. If they didn't know him by his legal name Brandon the world including his high school began calling him WriterBoy.

At 18 the young phenomenon went onto create one of the first feature films that would catapult him into the film industry. After premiering that film at 19 years old and overselling beating the ods of many Writer would go on to Writer, Co-Direct, and Produce many Commercials with likes of comapnies such as Netflix, Burger King, and most recently Googles Campaign for their Google Pixel 4 phone series.

Although Commercial is amazing Writer's heart lies in the place that it first started, WriterBoyFilms, features. Now running 2 companies and creating an empire around himself Writer finds that it's time to get back to the roots, creating worlds that don't exist and allowing the world to do the same. 

WriterBoyFilms exist because first did WriterBoy. Now at the brink of its success WriterBoyFilms finds a place to call home in the DMV.