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Internship Program


Intern with Award Winning Director, Filmmaker, and Best-Selling Author Brandon Washington also known as WriterBoy. With over a decade of experience running a 6-figure multi-media Production Company, creating art viewed by millions around the world, and working with major Networks such as Netflix, Amazon, and Google.This experience will be one hands on moment like no other. 

Camera Lens

What Am I Getting Myself Into?

Let Us Tell You! Prepare to get your hands dirty. With WriterBoy everything is hands on, fast paced, and creative. Working with WriterBoy you'll get a one-on-one experience in the film and entertainment industry. Projects from creating Call Sheets, to one-on-one meetings, developing projects, and creating world with WriterBoy himself. All in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and VA area. 

Skills You Will Gain

☑️ Screen Writing & Collaboration

☑️ Content Creation and Editing

☑️ Film/Video Production & Producing

☑️ Marketing & Scheduling

☑️ Licensing & Distribution

+ so much more.

Must be 18 years of older to apply.

Must reside locally in the DC, Maryland, and Virgina Area.

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