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WriterBoy is Awarded Best Director for Amazon’s Film Dream

WriterBoy wins BEST DIRECTOR in the Ukrainian Dream Film Festival! This comes after WriterBoy and the Cast of Dream wins “Best Drama”!

Dream and its cast was streamed in November 2022 and the decision from the Ukraines Dream Festival to award WriterBoy “Best Director” comes with a warm heart.

Ukraine is going through the most important times in its history, it is fighting for independence and freedom, for its dream of being a full member of the European Union.

The Ukrainian Dream Film Festival is an association of Ukrainian filmmakers and cinema lovers, whose goal is to discover new talents and light the fires on the alleys of glory.

With Ukraine going through its trails as of now to  present Dream to this place in this world and walk away with “Best Director” WriterBoy states

It’s a feeling I can’t explain! Dream is one word that represents all of us! Our struggle, our love, our fight for more.

That’s why winning this award, at this time, means the world to me.

As we celebrate this experience and amazing award let's continue to pray for peace and fight for more in the world through our voices and our art.

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