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The Cast of Dream Wins International Film Festival

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

WriterBoy and the cast of Dream takes home "Best Drama" in International Film Festival.

WriterBoyFilms and the cast of Dream (Terrill Brown, Dominique Barrett, Felicia Sabree, and G. Wayne) wins Best Drama at the Golden Giraffe International Film Festival!

After the release of "Dream" on Amazon Prime and it's 4 Selections in multiple Film Festivals "Dream" wins its first Award taking home Best Drama.

Reciving this accolade makes "Dream" WriterBoy's debute Feature first Award Winning Film following his stent with Netflix, and announcement on Forbes.

It's feels like it's time, it's time that I speak in more ways than one. ~ WriterBoy

With another "sticky note of his wall" Writer states

All I can do is thank the cast, Thank Tazz (Terrill Brown), Felicia, my team, and all of production. Because we did it.

When asked what has been the most impactful moment of the release of Dream Writer states

The response from the world, the audience. It was me telling Tazz (Terrill Brown) that we were going to change lives and we're doing it.

You can find out more and watch the film Dream only on Amazon Prime.

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