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Motion Picture Police Car

All Film Production Cop Car Packages include:

- x2 Cop Outfits
- Hand Cuffs
- 100,000 Prop Money
- x1 Prison Jumpsuits


NOTICE: Actors & Artist may CANNOT OPERATE VEHICLE without purchase of insurance, proof of license, and COI. You may however ask WriterBoyFilms personnel to position car and or use car for your specific needs. WriterBoyFilms Personal will deliver car to set and be present throughout all production. WriterBoyFilms personnel is allowed to move car for Actors and Artist. For stunts such as climbing on top of production car, chase scenes, and more a $200.00 surcharge fee for rentals without the insurance will be required.

WARNING: Motion Picture Car's can only be used for Films, Television Series, Music Videos, Motion Picture, and still Photography. 

$100.00/hr with a 2 hour minimum. 

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